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Directed by Marcelo Caetano

Written by Marcelo Caetano and Gabriel Domingues
Brazil / France / The Netherlands


After being released from a juvenile detention center, 18-year-old Wellington finds himself alone and adrift on the streets of São Paulo, without any contact from his parents and lacking the resources to rebuild his life. He encounters Ronaldo, a mature man, who teaches him new ways of surviving. Gradually, their relationship turns into a conflicting passion.


Marcelo Caetano was born in 1982 in Belo Horizonte. He lives in São Paulo since 2004.

In 2017 he directed CORPO ELÉTRICO (BODY ELECTRIC), his first long feature film, launched at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, and then selected in the festivals of Belfort Entrevues, Chéries-Chéris, Hong Kong, Montreal, La Havane etc. The movie has received the prize of Best film in the Guadalajara film festival and also won awards at Queer Lisboa, Outfest Los Angeles and Bilbao. In Brazil, it was elected Best Brazilian Film of the Year 2017 by the Association of Critics of Sao Paulo (APCA) and the Northeast (ACCECINE). It was released on french screens in mai 2018, with a great press coverage. The movie has also been released in Holland, Belgium, Germany, USA, Canada, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Poland.

Marcelo was the casting director of AQUARIUS (2016) and BACURAU (2019) of Kleber Mendonça Filho and Juliano Dornelles. He was co-writer and assistant director of Anna Muylaert’s FROM ONE FAMILY TO ANOTHER (DON’T CALL ME SON, 2016), and assistant director of RODEO (NEON BULL, 2015) by Gabriel Mascaro.

He directed three short films : BALL (2009), BY YOUR SIDE (2011) and VERONA (2013), selected at the festivals Clermont-Ferrand, Rotterdam, Indie Lisboa, Montreal etc.



  • João Pedro Mariano (Baby)
  • Ricardo Teodoro (Ronaldo)
  • Ana Flavia Cavalcanti (Priscila)
  • Bruna Linzmeyer (Jana)
  • Luiz Bertazzo (Torres)
  • Marcelo Varzea (Alexandre)
  • Patrick Coelho (Zika)
  • Kyra Reis (Pink)
  • Baco Pereira (Dayvid)
  • Sylvia Prado (tia Sueli)
  • Ariane Aparecida (prima Sonia)
  • Victor Hugo Martins (Allan)
  • Kelly Campelo (Rose, Mãe)



  • Director : Marcelo Caetano
  • Writers : Marcelo Caetano, Gabriel Domingues
  • Producers BRAZIL : Beto Tibiriçá (Plateau Produções), Ivan Melo (Cup Filmes), Marcelo Caetano (Desbun Filmes)
  • Coproducers FRANCE : Juliette Lepoutre, Pierre Menahem (Still Moving)
  • Coproducers THE NETHERLANDS : Stienette Bosklopper, Maarteen Swart (Circe Films & Kaap Holland)
  • Cinematographer / DoP : Joana Luz (DaFB), Pedro Sotero (ABC)
  • Set Designer : Thales Junqueira
  • Editor : Fabian Remy
  • Sound Editor / Mix : Graciela Barrault (A.F.S.I), Lucas Coelho, Max Van Den Oever
  • Composer : Bruno Prado, Car Rolfsen