THE BLACK FROST (LA HELADA NEGRA) : World premiere at the Berlinale 2016

THE BLACK FROST (LA HELADA NEGRA) by Maximiliano Schonfeld will have its world premiere at the Berlinale 2016 in the Panorama section.

Still Moving is proud to announce that The Black Frost (La Helada negra) will have its world premiere in the 66th Berlinale as part of the Panorama edition.

The plantations in Entre Ríos are being devastated by a frost that spreads and burns the plants, turning them black. At the Lell brothers’ farm, where they live with their nephew Lucas, a young woman appears and starts assisting them with the day-to-day chores. Since the moment she arrives, the farm starts to recover mysteriously: the vegetables survive the frost, Lucas’s greyhound makes it in the racetrack and fish appear swimming in an abandoned pond. The Lell brothers are in awe at how their crop has remained intact. However, the presence of the young woman grows them restless. Yet Lucas sees something different in her: she’s is a saint that has come to save them. Word spreads and soon the villagers start coming in, looking for a miracle. They worship her more and more as she goes along with her new role of saint. The young woman has to decide whether she accepts her new position within the community or she continues on her way.

Argentina, 2016, 82 minutes

The black frost

Maximiliano Schonfeld was born in 1982, in Crespo, Entre Ríos, Argentina. He moved to Buenos Aires where he graduated from ENERC (National School of Cinema). In 2012 Maximiliano wrote and directed GERMANIA, produced by Pasto with the support or the INCAA, Hubert Bals Fund and the government of Entre Ríos. GERMANIA was awarded with NDR Hamburg, Special Jury Award Bafici, Best Film and Best Director at Punta del Este. BAFICI, Hamburg, Punta del Este and Prague. Also was selected at Chicago, Gotteborg, Toulouse, Nantes, Río, among others. Schonfeld has been invited to participate at the DOX:LAB, program held by the Copenhagen Film Festival, for which he directed the medium-length AUSTER, with Estonian director Kadri Kõusaar. He’s currently presenting at Berlinale- Panorama his second feature film THE BLACK FROST (La Helada Negra), with the support of the INCAA, Doha Institute, awarded Best WIP at Mar del Plata Film Festival. Selected for the Jerusalem Film Lab and Puentes Workshops (Locarno and Montevideo), developed with the ARTE award at BAL and Raymundo Gleyzer’s Prize. Previously, Maximiliano wrote and directed the TV series ANDER EGG and EL LOBO and three short films: ESNORQUEL, ENTRELUCES, INVERNARIO.

The black frost